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I got 2 tickets in the same day for speeding!

I was traveling cross the country. In the last day of my 30 days trip, I was coming from Lake Placid, NY to Virginia, it was like 9 hours drive. I was very tired and my friend was sick. I was speeding at some points, I got two tickets in the same day, (speed limit 35 (55), speed limit 65 (88). Thanks to Michael, helped me to dismiss the tickets! I really appreciate that!


3rd DWI & AUO

I was arrested on July 9th of 2019 around 12:30am for my 3rd DWI and having my license suspended for back child support .. I called and hired Michael Viscosi as my lawyer. He fought and battled hard for me, he kept me updated with every little possible information he received. I am a full time Tow Truck operator, so I need a full active license. Mr. Viscosi faught HARD so I could keep my full license so I could continue to work. We ended up getting the BEST offer’s from the D.A’s Office !!

So instead of taking my case to trial, and having 2 witnesses in my corner, 2 witnesses that were before and after my accident to prove that I wasnt drinking prior to my accident and how i ended up drinking afterwards, I ended up taking a charge of Reckless driving. So now my prior charges of DWI and AUO is dismissed and thrown out and I have my full license back. I cant THANK Michael Viscosi enough for all his hard and trustworthy work !! He is the best lawyer and I will forever use him and his office !!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND for anyone who needs a lawyer !!!! Thank You again Sir !!!

Robert Handy

Excellent Representation

Michael Viscosi represented me on a dwi case I was involved in he kept me in the loop and was a shark in the courtroom. My case ended up getting dismissed and he was very respectful and has kept in contact about other matters. I highly recommend this guy!!!!


Hired Michael Vicosi As My Attorney

I finally found micheal after going through two other attorney’s that i didnt feel fully confidant in handling my case. Upon meeting Michael and talking over my case i knew he was the right attorney for the job. He conducted himself in a very professional and confiedent manner. While working on my case for about 10 months he was there everytime time i needed to ask him a question or go over anything that i didnt understand . I was completely satisfied with the outcome of my case and who was representing through the process. I highly recommend hiring Michael C Viscosi to anyone in need of an attorney.


True Professional

I hired Mr. Viscosi after being charged with a DWAI and couple of other infractions. As most people that are truly not fimilar with our court system until something like this happens Mr Viscosi is a true meaning of professionalism. He is there to keep you informed suggestimg the best outcome for you case. He will tell you what to expect and make you feel at ease throughout the entire process. I had a tremendous amount of personal and business consequences riding on this outcome besides the obvious. I will honestly say that if you need an Attorney that will help you feel att ease and go to bat for you 100% there is no better!


So Glad I Had Mike Viscosi

Mike was great from the beginning of my case until the end. He did not let the system take advantage of me and continuously folllowed up to make sure we had all the info necessary to help my case. He gave me tons of information in order for me to make informed decisions about my case. Mike is the type of lawyer who was always available to answer questions even when sometimes I asked repetitive questions. I never had to talk in court once and mike took care of it all while at the same time having to drive hours to make it to the court room. Could not have asked for a better outcome or a better lawyer. Thanks for securing my freedom.


Two Felony DWI Charges

If you have the misfortune of receiving a DWI and are seeking representation, please read the following about my experience: History/background: two prior misdemeanor DWIs in less than 10 years. Situation: I was pulled over 12/30/16 with the charge of DWI and a 0.10 BAC travelling from Rochester, NY to Connecticut. I got pulled over 3 hours into the trip in Fultonville, NY. I initially retained one of my previous lawyers for my first DWI charge. [My first two DWIs ran concurrent with one another, thus resulting in misdemeanors.

I knew if there was ever another one, it would be a felony.] I swiftly sought a new lawyer after I saw how my initial lawyer performed in court. I knew I was in trouble. The taxi driver who picked me up from the jail after I posted bail told me to call Mr. Viscosi. At the time I finally reached out to Mr. Viscosi, court was scheduled less than a month away.

I thought for sure it was too late to retain him, but he took me on. I was told he was a lawyer who specialized in the area of DWI law and was a part time judge. When i first spoke to him, I felt protected, safe, and confident in him. I didn’t feel that way with my other lawyers. We received an offer for a misdemeanor DWI with 6 months jail time. I refused the deal because I had so much confidence in Mr. Viscosi. I didn’t want another misdemeanor or a felony. Results: Mr. Viscosi was able to get the 0.10 BAC suppressed from evidence. [One felony charge gone!] And the jury of 12 found me Not Guilty of the felony DWI. Conclusion: If you are seeking representation for your DWI case, you would be wise to choose Michael Viscosi. He is an excellent lawyer. He is powerful, knowledgeable, well spoken, confident, and is out to win. Nothing less. He commands the attention of the courtroom when he speaks, and people listen. Without his excellent reputation, I would have been doomed. I have my life and peace of mind back. You’re simply the best. Mr. Viscosi. Thank you for dedication. HUGS!!!!!!!


Best DWI Attorney I Know!!!!

Michael and his team did an absolutely phenomenal job handling my case. He was very passionate about representing me and I couldn’t be happier with his services. Michael is truly the blueprint for how an attorney should represent his client and his firm. It was a pleasure watching alongside Michael fight for my case with such conviction. His entire team was supportive and showed they deeply cared about my case. I would recommend his services to anyone needing an attorney. Thank you Michael and your team for outstanding representation!! You fought hard and long and we won!!!!!!!! I am forever grateful!!



Mike did a great job as my attorney, he was always available to speak with. Mike handled everything for me, negotiated my plea with the best possible outcome! Thanks!


Michael Viscosi

My lawyer Michael Viscoci worked very hard on my DWI case. He told me based on the preceding’s that he would get the case thrown out. He did his homework because that’s exactly what the court did and all charges were dropped. I couldn’t be happier. He did an excellent job. I would highly recommend him to family and friends.


Michele Viscosi An Outstanding Lawyer

One year ago I had the misfortune of getting a DWI. I retained Michael Viscosi firm. I didn’t know what to expect then I met Michael, I was nervous at first but after our first meeting Mike put me at ease as he asked what I expected and wanted and said we will get it. I will say he is a man of his word and communicated very openly and clearly and continued to keep my confidence up. Michael never let me down and I feel blessed that I had him representing me his professionalism was excellent and he fulfilled everything he told me he would. I believe from my personal experience that Michael has to be one of the tops in this field.


Michael Viscosi

Michael kept in touch with me often during the 4 month process and kept me abreast of any changes or updates on my case. He calmed my fears and nerves when necessary also. He got the best possible scenario for a court result and I am very glad that he was my attorney.


Got Things Done

I was impressed with the way things were handled, I didn’t have to question his skill or competence. He went in, got it done and got the best possible outcome. He also kept me informed throughout the process.


People v. John Sowle

Got my case solved. Thank you


Speeding Ticket

I was given a speeding ticket over the summer, and Mr. Viscosi represented me. The results were fantastic, and I greatly appreciate the effort that Mr. Viscosi put forward for me.


Excellent Service

Got charged with a 1.0 alcohol content. Reduced to a 4 point speeding ticket. Excellent communication. Highly recommended.


Highly Reccomended

This case lasted the better part of 6 months and Michael was there every step of the way. Other factors included were the arrest itself, a brand new NYS Nursing License in jeopardy, and the time frame in which the case lasted. He very promptly responded to my plea for help in this DWI case and got to work as soon as possible with a plan of attack. Anything that the court system threw at us, Michael handled relentlessly. There was absolutely no other option than the outcome we wanted because of all of his hard work and dedication to this area of defense. I would without a doubt recommend Michael to anyone in need of DWI defense and I would not think twice about it. I could not thank his team enough for all of their hard work in getting me an outcome that I was happy with and not just stopping at a lower alcohol related offense.

Good lawyers get things done appropriately, swiftly, and adequately and I could not say enough about Michael. He fits the bill in all of these categories and is an excellent choice for DWI defense.



Michael was great at what he dose i could not asked for any one better to be by my side in this time .i will highly recommend him to others as well im thank full for everything he done for me and my family.if i ever need any one again would not think twice to hire mike again.


Mr Viscosi

Mr Viscosi always kept me informed of the progress of my case. He always kept in touch with me and on top of my case which was important to me because I’ve never experienced anything like this before. He was extremely professional and knowledgeable.


Speeding Ticket

I was given a speeding ticket over the summer, and Mr. Viscosi represented me. The results were fantastic, and I greatly appreciate the effort that Mr. Viscosi put forward for me.


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