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Saratoga Defense Lawyer

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When facing criminal charges, having a knowledgeable and experienced defense lawyer by your side is crucial. For residents of Saratoga, New York, Viscosi Law stands as a beacon of hope and guidance. Led by Michael Viscosi, Esq., Viscosi Law is dedicated to providing top-notch legal representation and support for those in need. With a comprehensive range of legal services and a commitment to personalized attention, Viscosi Law is your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of the legal system.

Criminal Defense: Protecting Your Rights

Saratoga Defense Lawyer

Criminal defense is a specialized field requiring a deep understanding of the law and a strategic approach to each case. At Viscosi Law, Michael Viscosi, Esq., and his team are well-versed in handling various criminal charges. Whether you are facing allegations of assault and battery, drug charges, murder, petit larceny, criminal possession of a controlled substance, arson, rape, manslaughter, domestic violence, burglary, gun cases, fraud, or trespassing, Viscosi Law has the expertise to defend your rights vigorously.

Each criminal case is unique, and Viscosi Law recognizes the importance of tailoring legal strategies to meet the specific needs of each client. By taking the time to understand the details of your situation, Michael Viscosi, Esq., develops a defense strategy that aims to achieve the best possible outcome. This personalized approach ensures that no stone is left unturned in the pursuit of justice.

In the courtroom, having a fearless advocate can make all the difference. Michael Viscosi, Esq., has built a reputation for his unwavering commitment to his clients and his readiness to take cases to trial when necessary. His extensive experience in the courtroom and dedication to defending his clients’ rights have resulted in numerous successful outcomes.

Our Services: Comprehensive Legal Support

When facing criminal charges, the stakes are incredibly high, with potential consequences that can alter your life dramatically. Viscosi Law, based in Saratoga, NY, is dedicated to providing comprehensive legal support and robust defense strategies across a wide range of criminal cases. Here’s how we can assist you:

Assault and Battery

Assault and battery charges can lead to severe consequences, including imprisonment, hefty fines, and a permanent criminal record. At Viscosi Law, we understand the gravity of these charges and the impact they can have on your life. Our experienced attorneys develop robust defense strategies to challenge these charges effectively. We thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding your case, gather evidence, and present a compelling argument to ensure that your side of the story is heard and your rights are protected. Our goal is to achieve the best possible outcome, whether through a dismissal, reduction of charges, or an acquittal.

Drug Charges

Drug-related offenses, ranging from possession to trafficking, carry significant legal penalties that can include long-term imprisonment, substantial fines, and a permanent criminal record. Viscosi Law has extensive experience defending clients against various drug charges. We meticulously examine the details of each case, looking for procedural errors, violations of rights, or weaknesses in the prosecution’s evidence. Our attorneys utilize every available legal avenue to secure favorable outcomes for our clients, such as reduced charges, alternative sentencing options, or outright dismissals.

Murder and Manslaughter

Facing charges of murder or manslaughter is one of the most serious legal situations anyone can encounter. These charges can lead to life sentences or even the death penalty. At Viscosi Law, we approach these cases with meticulous attention to detail. Our defense strategy includes thorough investigations, gathering expert testimony, and scrutinizing all aspects of the prosecution’s case. We aim to build a comprehensive defense that challenges the evidence and works towards protecting your future.

Petit Larceny and Burglary

Theft-related charges, such as petit larceny and burglary, can result in severe legal repercussions, including jail time, fines, and a lasting criminal record. Viscosi Law provides expert legal representation to challenge these charges. We analyze the evidence, question the legality of the search and seizure procedures, and seek to identify any possible defenses. Our objective is to minimize the impact of these charges on your life, striving for reduced sentences or case dismissals whenever possible.

Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance

Charges related to the possession of controlled substances can be complex, with varying degrees of severity depending on the amount and type of substance involved. Viscosi Law works diligently to examine the specific circumstances of your case. We develop a defense strategy aimed at reducing or dismissing the charges, whether through challenging the evidence, questioning the procedures used by law enforcement, or negotiating plea deals.

Arson and Rape

Charges of arson and rape carry significant stigma and severe penalties, including long-term imprisonment and mandatory registration as a sex offender. Viscosi Law is committed to providing a rigorous defense for clients facing these serious charges. Our approach includes detailed investigations, forensic analysis, and strategic defense planning to protect your rights and reputation. We strive to ensure that every possible defense is explored and presented effectively in court.

Domestic Violence and Gun Cases

Domestic violence and gun-related charges require a nuanced and sensitive approach to defense. These cases often involve complex personal dynamics and strict legal standards. Viscosi Law leverages its extensive legal knowledge and experience to navigate these sensitive cases effectively. We work to protect our clients’ rights, challenge any violations of due process, and present a strong defense to mitigate the consequences of these charges.

Fraud and Trespass

Fraud and trespass charges can have long-lasting effects on your personal and professional life. Viscosi Law works to build a strong defense by thoroughly investigating the allegations, challenging the evidence, and advocating for your rights. Our goal is to minimize the impact of these charges, whether through negotiating favorable settlements, seeking reduced charges, or achieving dismissals.

At Viscosi Law, our commitment is to provide comprehensive legal support and fight vigorously for our clients’ rights in Saratoga, NY, and beyond. Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you with your legal needs.

The Legal Practice Areas: Viscosi Law’s Comprehensive Expertise

Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice

Michael Viscosi, Esq., the founder and managing partner of Viscosi Law, is renowned for his expertise not only in criminal defense but also in personal injury and medical malpractice cases. With over two decades of legal experience, Michael Viscosi has successfully represented numerous clients in cases involving negligence. His deep understanding of the intricacies of personal injury law allows him to develop effective legal strategies that ensure his clients receive the compensation they deserve. Whether it’s a case of a car accident, a slip and fall, or any other form of personal injury, Viscosi Law is committed to providing compassionate and vigorous representation. They work tirelessly to hold the responsible parties accountable and secure fair settlements or verdicts for their clients.

Workers’ Compensation

Injuries sustained in the workplace can be life-altering, impacting not only the injured worker but also their families. Navigating the workers’ compensation claims process can be complex and daunting, especially when dealing with severe injuries or uncooperative employers. Viscosi Law specializes in workers’ compensation cases, helping clients understand their rights and the benefits they are entitled to. They assist with filing claims, negotiating with insurance companies, and, if necessary, representing clients in appeals or hearings. Their goal is to ensure that injured workers receive the medical care and financial support they need to recover and move forward with their lives.

Civil Litigation and Commercial Litigation

Viscosi Law’s expertise extends beyond personal injury and workers’ compensation to include civil and commercial litigation. Civil litigation encompasses a wide range of disputes that may arise between individuals or organizations. Viscosi Law handles cases involving contract disputes, property disputes, employment disputes, insurance claims, and more. In commercial litigation, they represent businesses in legal disputes related to commercial transactions, partnerships, intellectual property, and other business matters. Their approach is to provide strategic and effective legal representation that protects their clients’ interests and seeks favorable resolutions, whether through negotiation, mediation, or trial.

Medical Malpractice Law

Medical malpractice cases require a thorough understanding of both medical standards and legal protocols. These cases often involve complex medical information and stringent legal requirements. Viscosi Law represents patients who have suffered due to medical negligence, such as surgical errors, misdiagnosis, medication errors, or birth injuries. They work tirelessly to hold healthcare providers accountable and secure just compensation for their clients. This includes not only the immediate medical expenses but also long-term care costs, lost wages, and compensation for pain and suffering. Viscosi Law’s dedication to their clients ensures that they receive comprehensive support throughout the legal process.

Personal Injury Law

Personal injury cases can be particularly complex and emotionally taxing, involving serious injuries and significant financial losses. Viscosi Law provides compassionate and effective legal representation in all types of personal injury cases. They handle cases arising from car accidents, slip and fall incidents, defective products, dog bites, and other incidents caused by negligence. Their team works diligently to investigate the circumstances of each case, gather evidence, and build a strong case to recover damages for their clients. This includes compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Viscosi Law’s commitment to their clients is evident in their personalized approach and their relentless pursuit of justice on behalf of those they represent.

In conclusion, Viscosi Law’s comprehensive expertise across various legal practice areas ensures that their clients receive the highest level of legal representation. Whether dealing with personal injury, workers’ compensation, civil or commercial litigation, or medical malpractice, Viscosi Law is dedicated to advocating for their clients’ rights and achieving the best possible outcomes for their cases. Their extensive experience, combined with a personalized and compassionate approach, makes them a trusted advocate for individuals and businesses alike.

Viscosi Law’s Holistic Approach

Saratoga Defense LawyerViscosi Law understands that legal issues can impact every facet of your life. That’s why their support extends beyond the courtroom, offering guidance and resources to help you navigate the challenges ahead. Whether it’s providing referrals to counseling services, assisting with financial planning, or helping you understand your legal rights, Viscosi Law is committed to being a comprehensive resource for their clients.

Michael Viscosi, Esq., is not only a dedicated attorney but also an active member of his community. As a member of various legal and community organizations, including the New York State Trial Lawyers Association, the American Bar Association, and the Italian American Bar Association, he is committed to making a positive impact both inside and outside the courtroom.

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Viscosi Law is conveniently located at 122 West Main St., Johnstown, NY 12095. You can reach Michael Viscosi, Esq., and his team through multiple channels:

Phone: +1 (518) 762-0011

At Viscosi Law, the journey to justice begins with a free consultation. This initial meeting allows you to discuss your case with an experienced attorney, gain valuable insights into your legal options, and make informed decisions about your future without financial constraints.

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Facing a legal issue can be overwhelming and stressful, but you don’t have to navigate it alone. At Viscosi Law, we are committed to providing personalized attention and effective legal representation. If you require legal assistance, we are here to help.

To speak with one of our attorneys directly, call our office at (518) 762-0011. Our team is ready to answer your questions and guide your legal matter. Alternatively, you can reach out to us via email at We will respond to your inquiry promptly and provide the necessary information. You can also fill out our online contact form on our website. Simply provide your name, email address, phone number, and a brief message about your legal matter, and one of our attorneys will contact you.

When faced with the complexities of the legal system, having a trusted and experienced defense lawyer can make all the difference. Viscosi Law, led by Michael Viscosi, Esq., is dedicated to providing the highest level of legal representation and support for clients in Saratoga, New York. Whether you are dealing with criminal charges, personal injury claims, or other legal issues, Viscosi Law is here to guide you every step of the way. Don’t let legal challenges overwhelm you. Contact Viscosi Law today to schedule your free consultation and take the first step towards securing your future. Your peace of mind and your rights are worth fighting for, and Viscosi Law is here to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions About Saratoga Defense Lawyers

  1. What types of criminal cases does Viscosi Law handle in Saratoga?
    Viscosi Law handles a wide range of criminal cases, including assault and battery, drug charges, murder, petit larceny, criminal possession of a controlled substance, arson, rape, manslaughter, domestic violence, burglary, gun cases, fraud, and trespassing.
  2. Who is Michael Viscosi, Esq., and what is his experience?
    Michael Viscosi, Esq., is the founder and managing partner of Viscosi Law. He has over 20 years of legal experience and specializes in personal injury, medical malpractice, and workers’ compensation cases. He has a proven track record of success in representing clients and is committed to providing personalized legal representation.
  3. Where is Viscosi Law located?
    Viscosi Law is located at 122 West Main St., Johnstown, NY 12095.
  4. How can I contact Viscosi Law for a consultation?
    You can contact Viscosi Law by phone at +1 (518) 762-0011 or by email at You can also fill out the contact form on their website,, to schedule a consultation.
  5. What should I do if I am arrested or charged with a crime in Saratoga?
    If you are arrested or charged with a crime in Saratoga, it is crucial to contact an experienced defense lawyer immediately. Viscosi Law can provide you with legal representation, advise you on your rights, and develop a defense strategy to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.
  6. Does Viscosi Law offer free consultations?
    Yes, Viscosi Law offers a free initial consultation to discuss your legal matter and determine the best course of action for your needs.
  7. What sets Viscosi Law apart from other defense law firms in Saratoga?
    Viscosi Law is known for its personalized attention, extensive legal expertise, and commitment to fighting for clients’ rights. Michael Viscosi, Esq., and his team have a proven track record of success and provide compassionate and effective legal representation.
  8. What other legal services does Viscosi Law offer besides criminal defense?
    In addition to criminal defense, Viscosi Law offers legal services in personal injury, medical malpractice, workers’ compensation, civil litigation, commercial litigation, and more.
  9. How can Viscosi Law help me if I have been injured in an accident in Saratoga?
    Viscosi Law can help you seek compensation for your injuries, including medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Their team of experienced personal injury attorneys will work tirelessly to ensure your rights are protected and you receive the compensation you deserve.
  10. What should I bring to my initial consultation with Viscosi Law?
    For your initial consultation, bring any relevant documents related to your case, such as police reports, medical records, correspondence with insurance companies, and any other information that can help the attorneys understand your situation.
  11. Does Viscosi Law handle cases outside of Saratoga?
    Yes, Viscosi Law serves clients throughout New York State, including Albany, Amsterdam, Cobleskill, Colonie, Glens Falls, Glenville, Gloversville, Guilderland, Hamilton County, Herkimer, Lake George, Mohawk, Niskayuna, Rensselaer, Schenectady, and Scotia.
  12. What are the potential consequences of a criminal conviction in Saratoga?
    The consequences of a criminal conviction in Saratoga can vary depending on the severity of the crime but may include fines, imprisonment, probation, community service, and a permanent criminal record. A skilled defense attorney from Viscosi Law can help mitigate these consequences.
  13. How does Viscosi Law approach defending clients against serious charges like murder or rape?
    Viscosi Law takes a thorough and strategic approach to defending clients against serious charges. They conduct a detailed investigation, gather and analyze evidence, consult with experts, and develop a robust defense strategy tailored to each client’s unique circumstances.
  14. Can Viscosi Law assist with expungements or sealing criminal records in New York?
    Yes, Viscosi Law can assist clients with expungements or sealing their criminal records, helping them to move forward with their lives without the burden of a criminal record.
  15. What are the office hours of Viscosi Law?
    Viscosi Law’s office hours are typically from Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM. However, they may offer flexible hours to accommodate clients’ needs. It’s best to contact the office directly to schedule an appointment.
  16. Does Viscosi Law offer flexible payment options for legal services?
    Yes, Viscosi Law offers flexible payment options to ensure their legal services are accessible to everyone. During your consultation, you can discuss payment arrangements with their team.
  17. Why is it important to hire a local Saratoga defense lawyer like those at Viscosi Law?
    Hiring a local Saratoga defense lawyer like those at Viscosi Law is important because they have in-depth knowledge of local laws, court procedures, and the legal landscape. This local expertise can be advantageous in building a strong defense and achieving favorable outcomes.